From the Idea to the Market
21-31 Aug 2018 Grenoble (France)

A new Summer School

Include clinical knowledge for the development of a new medical device,

from idea to post-market follow-up

Experiment a new way to learn in the field of Innovative Technologies for Health !

The aim is to give you an up-to-date global view of the maturation cycle of a medical device: from the idea to the European market.

Attendees will be offered a 3-day immersive experience in a hospital or in a living lab within a team of 5 to 7 participants to meet with healthcare professionals, patients or senior to understand unmet needs in a specific field (see the map) that require technological innovation and could lead to a new product.

Then each team will join the Summer School main site in the mountains near Grenoble, to develop this idea thanks to lectures and coaching from academic or industrial professionals.
At the end of this training, the best projects will be awarded to be transformed with a European tender of EIT Health.

SAVE THE DATE : August 21th-31th !!!


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Target Audience

Students from Master or Doctorate (either in Medicine, Pharmacy, computer science and engineering, business school, health sciences, technology etc.) as well as current engineers and executives from medical devices companies.

Maximum of 40 participants

Application will start 2018-04-01                                                                          Application Deadline: 2018-05-15


The immersive step (August 21th-23tth)

During the first 3 days, groups of 5 to 7 attendies will go to 7 differents places in France: either in French Universitary Hospital departments, or in a Living Lab (Madopa, Lyon)


The second phase (August 24th-31th) will take place near Grenoble, in the Alps (France)

Objectives of the Summer School

To provide the multiple knowledge and skills necessary to develop a new medical device to bring it to market by giving lectures in several thematic sessions (regulation of CE marking, essential requirement, risk analysis, pre-clinical testing, clinical investigation, suitability for use, post-market monitoring) but also by understanding the "market" approach by experts in innovation management (business plan, protection and property management, etc.).

To allow the different teams of participants to confront their ideas and discuss problems with the clinicians, to work on their project using all the knowledge they will acquire during the summer school and possibly go further, to carry the project towards other programs such as EIT Accelerator or within the INSERM structures that supervise this school.


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